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Deep Nights contents 2 amazing Tracks full melodic sounds and groovy phat beats.

- Love Feelings, which is a melodic Track. Good for chill out and dancing. When you hear this Track, you Enjoy an adventure full of spheres and melodies. You take a Journey into the paradise and the phat beat let your lets begin to Dance.

- Deep Nights, which is a deep Tech house Track with a Orchestra – Melody. The phat beat makes the party perfect and the melody let your Minds flow into Ecstasy.

Click here to listen:

Release date: June 28, 2014 in all stores


Coming in July 2014



01 Mark Feesh – Beachroom
02 Patrick Leyka – Sun is shining
03 Van Pain – Subkutan
04 Ushuaia Boys – Timeisland 2014
05 Lorenzo Salvemini – Inside
06 Alternate 68 – Minimalistix (Nachtwandler Records)
07 Carlos Sabines – Sprockets
08 Dany Sativa – Night on Turkey
09 Loudhouse – Lone Ranger (Nachtwandler Records)
10 Dj Casabella feat. Nikola Toni – That’s Right
11 Peter Romo – The Barbarian
12 Voodoo Funk – Your world is not Mine
13 Tony Navas – Memories of Ibiza
14 Gerry Verano & Toni Vives – I like the Rhythm
15 Vane Frais – Around the world in a day
16 Klangtitan – Strandhouse
17 Mars Lab – Ritual

Now the long waiting has an end! My next single together with Toni Vives “I like the Rhythm” will be released on:

June 28, 2014

in all stores!



Jannuary 11, 2014 i had my first TV – Interview and i played my very first DJ-Set on TV. And it was really amazing for me to do this for you! I hope you enjoy it :)



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